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Tel : Manchester - +44 (0) 161 794 3206 / Kent - +44 (0) 1634 296234

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Boots the Chemist stand featuring our Vendy BMI and Body Fat Scale.


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Davivendy is a scale with classical design and stylised lines, which can be fully customised. With the basic features of a set of scales (weight, height, calculation of body mass index).

- Weight measurement
- Height measurement
- Calculation of Body Mass Index (B.M.I.)
- Automatic calibration system
- Multiple languages
- Interactive user guide
- Baby weighing cradle (Optional)
- Chip-card Reader (Optional)

Healthcheck Services

Coin-operated and none Coin Operated Personal Weighing Machines and Blood Pressure Monitors

Welcome to Healthcheck Services – providing a wide range of coin-operated weighing machines and blood pressure monitors to businesses and organisations across the UK.

We specialise in weighing and blood pressure monitoring machines that are designed to occupy the smallest possible space in an establishment. From a basic classic dial-type mechanical weighing machine to the very latest in electronic, ticket printing machines. I.E. Vendy Millennium and PPA. Our state-of-the-art products cover many applications including the measurement of weight, height, body mass and body fat.

Advanced weighing machines for any environment

Make a profit without making a purchase

Whatever your organisation, large or small, private or public sector, Healthcheck Services has a weighing machine that will suit your environment. What’s more, each machine represents great profitability: you pay nothing and share in a percentage of the profit. It’s really as simple as that.

Our vast selection of machines proves our complete dedication to delivering the best possible solutions to our valued clients. You can be assured that we’re driven by quality and customer satisfaction – offering skilled and devoted employees along with advanced machinery to help us obtain maximum results. From initial conception and manufacture, right through to installation and service support, our flexibility, support and technical expertise ensures our customers are completely satisfied at all times.

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